The One Person Project is a program of The Friends of Kahama Society
We have shipped 5 forty-foot containers.
And there is one more almost ready to go!
We will be shipping a half-size 20' container in the summer of 2020. WE NEED solid wood teacher's desks, black good condition school shoes for all ages and good condition backpacks. Below is what shipped in October 2016. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated resources, time, skills and funds We couldn't do it without you!

6   hospital beds & matresses
12 boxes of medical books
42 boxes of medical supplies
4   boxes of crutches/cranes
8   wheelchairs
7   exam tables
2   spinner sterilizers
2   walkers
4   IV stands
4   boxes of medical binders
4   boxes of medical equipment
2   weigh scales
3   medical cabinets
1   microscope
1   pipet washer/rinser
3   hospital cribs
3   medical models & posters
1   x-ray viewer
1   baby weigh scales


8     boxes of sports equipment
45   boxes of sports uniforms
1     computer
37   boxes books
117 boxes of teacher resources
5     sewing machines
6     boxes of sewing fabric & accesories
42   chairs/stools
53   boxes of school supplies
3      filing cabinets
3      wooden tables


24"  Cooking stove
Yamaha 5000 Generator
12 volt battery


19 boxes of tools and supplies
1   set of store accesories
5    boxes of coat-hangers
1    fabric rack
1    shoe rack
1     box of supplies
2    clothing racks
6    brick making machines & parts
A portion of the educational resources are dedicated to the Muvuma Orphanage, as are most of the household and small business supplies.


76 boxes of bedding and towels, 12 boxes of dishes and cooking items, 4 mirrors, 107 boxes of clothing and shoes, 3 radio/stereos, 5 bicycles, 2 boxes of seeds, 1 compost bin, an artificial Christmas tree & decorations, 2 microwaves.