The One Person Project is a program of The Friends of Kahama Society
Support and Programs in Kahama

We aim to provide Project Aid, which is a partnership whereby the villagers participate in the process with the ultimate goal of self-sustainability.


We have built an orphanage! The Kahama District donated land to Kahama's Muvuma Orphan Group to construct a much-needed orphanage. The group of volunteer women worked extremely hard to raise funds but over the course of two years the walls were only 2' high. In 2013 One Person medical volunteer, Nancy C. donated $1,000 for bricks and we took on Muvuma as a program. Contact us to sponsor the orphanage.
We provided 100% of the construction costs and by December of 2014, the exterior of the 7,000 sq.ft. building was complete and 30 of orphans were able to move in!   All our funds are channeled through our Agent in Kahama and controlled by us. Please contact us if you would like to donate or sponsor the orphanage. 2019 We renamed the orphanage Simon's Chidrens' Centre and we have added a social worker to the staff.

We have shipped five sea-containers to Kahama, and one to Muhanga in Rwanda. The containers were filled with medical, educational, sports, family and entrepreneurial supplies.(Four 40' containers, and one 20' container went to Kahama.)

Each year we take volunteer teams to Kahama to help on the ground, assess needs and follow up on donated supplies and equipment, and to monitor and fine tune Programs. Each team has comprised of medical and/or educational and general volunteers. Volunteers have also visited the orphanage independently of our visits.

PWA - Persons with Albinism: There are a small number of children with albinism at the orphanage. There is a large albino population in the Kahama area who suffer from the stigma & prejudices of being different but more alarmingly, in Tanzania (as in many developing countries) there is a 'trade' in albino limbs as they are believed to have magical properties.
Tanzania's poverty is widespread and acute. Around 85% of the population live in rural areas such as the Kahama region. The arid conditions mean that many of the people are nutritionally deficient and are sustenance farmers only.
According to UNAIDS, about 1.4 million people are living with HIV in Tanzania. Of those 160,000 are children under the age of 15: this in a population of just over 46 million. The HIV rates are higher than the national average in the Kahama region.
We held a Train the Teacher Week in Kahama (30 teachers.)
We have visited a number of schools including the Busenda School which has a special needs classroom.
We have donated supplies, equipment and  funds. We have recruited medical teams to assess, teach and assist. We support the Amani Clinic. We brought the District Medical Office (at that time) Dr. Leonard Subi to BC in 2010 to attend a medical conference, give presentations and tour Penticton Regional Hospital to meet other medical professionals.
We support the care and treatment of children who have HIV/AIDS. At present there are about 180 children enrolled in the clinic.
Donated Funds and Resources
We provide funds for a food-program as and when needed.
We provided funds to prepare and furnish a clubhouse and sent toys, games, TV and video recorder and videos.
We provide clothing and shoes for the most vulnerable families.
One Person Visits
We visit the clinic and meet the children and families.
Co-op and Entrepreneur Program for Amani Children and their Families
We have provided funds to set up a chicken co-op for the most vulnerable families: we envision more co-ops in the future.
We have provided sewing machines, supplies and fabric so that older teenagers can learn how to sew and provide clothing for their families and the Amani group. We aim to work towards sending younger teens to sewing school so they can support themselves and their family and raise funds to help the Amani Clinic.
We provide books and classroom and teacher resources.
We have provided tables, chairs and resources for the Teacher Training Centres (TRC's).
We have provided soccer strips, balls and equipment, volleyballs and nets and other sports equipment to a number of schools.
Participating in sports allows young men to have a sense of pride and something to strive towards, and allows girls to have status and opportunities they do not usually receive. Even the presence of one soccer ball can increase school attendance, which is doubly important as most schools have HIV prevention programs.
One Person Visits
Families and Children

One Person has provided food, essential supplies, chickens, bikes and goats to vulnerable families (as identified by local organizations)
We have provided a metal roof for a family in need.
We support coalitions, associations and organizations in both communities, such as the Women Headed Households Association and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
Faraja Orphanage
We have donated funds and supplies. Money goes towards food, schooling, rent and medical costs.
Children, families and staff of the Summerland (BC) Montessori School sends funds, letters, drawings, photographs, school supplies, clothing, books and toys to the orphanage. One Person Director and Montessori Principle, Sheena visited the orphanage on the 2012 trip.
One Person Visits
Brenda and volunteers take self-funded trips to visit our programs.
Brenda and volunteers visit with families and organizations in the Kahama region.
Each One Person Program is focussed on
providing a hopeful future for children
and families in Kahama.